Software system development business
SystemGear Vietnam with over 10 years of experience specializing in deploying and developing business management projects for the offshore market (Japan). Along with rich experience, we have been providing services with Japanese quality standards, supported and trusted by many Japanese customers.
3 Reasons to Choose
Reliable security environment
When placing an order to develop overseas, security is often the top priority for customers. Our environment is carefully equipped and absolutely secure, has been receiving the trust and peace of mind of many Japanese customers during the past years. We have strict regulations like no for employees to bring personal belongings into the work area, identify fingerprints before opening the door, build a layout that distributes each level of security, conduct periodic security training sessions by the company's specialists.
Abundant development experience
SystemGear Vietnam is a foreign-invested company established in Vietnam. With over ten years of experience in developing business management systems for the Japanese market, we have accumulated a great deal of professional knowledge and experience through the development of offshore projects, meeting the high request of a wide range of customers.
Japanese quality
We thoroughly review all types of documents such as requirements documents, design documents, development documents to ensure the quality of the project. Perform tests, evaluate results through each phase. carefully designed and developed. We frequently keep in touch with customers, report detailed progress, always carry out development according to the project's plan.
Content services

We can flexibly adjust the contract contents according to the customer's request and the contents of each problem. Please feel free to contact us.

Software Offshore Development
This is a contract of software project development which is signed after exchanging and reaching an agreement on our price quotation with your company depending on the scale of the project. In particular, you will entrust us to appoint human resources, manage work progress to accomplish the project effectively to your company's wishes.
Software Laboratory Development
This is a contract of software development which is signed periodically every 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. In particular, we will choose the best employees to accord with customer requirements.This model is suitable for long-term projects, with high security, will ensure customers stability, safety, peace of mind at the lowest cost and most effective.Our staff speaks fluent Japanese, so we can exchange information smoothly, respond flexibly, and manage quality, cost, and delivery.
[Fee] Programmer: 220,000 yen ~ (160 hours / month)